Published: June 22nd, 2023
Updated: August 4th, 2023

Some weeks ago, I came across this site that offered free mining power with a value of 50 Tron. Curious, but sceptic at the same time, I decided to sign up.
On this page, I'll try to keep you updated about my experiences with this site.

As said before on this mining overview page, free mining is slow. Mining is slow in general, but free mining is even more slow. After signing up, which is actually easy, just your TRON-address is needed (also for login!), I received the promised 50 TRX mining power.
Looking around on the site, I discovered that the withdraw minimum was 10 Tron. With a free profit from mining of 0.5 TRX a day, it would take me 20 days before reaching that amount. As I was creating the mining overview page at that moment, I wanted to speed thing up so I requested my social media followers to help me. Siging up is free and does not cost you anything!

Big BTC Win
Dashboard - Free

As this will not be a review of the site (maybe later), I will not bother you with all site options. After my request for help, 4 people signed up as my referral. I reached the minimum of 10 $TRX after about 16 days.

A withdraw will a lower value than 10 is refused with the message that 10 TRX is the minumum. Filling in 10 (or more) gives the message 'A deposit of minimum 10 TRX is required'. Although I understand that nothing is free I was a bit surprised. This criterium for withdraw was not mentioned anywhere. Besides that, they have PTC-ads too.
I decided to do some research on this site: no contact information, besides one email address. Nowhere a physical address. The domain name was registered in September 2022 and for one year only. This site is only active since June 2023, so just 4 months left. Perfect period to get people to trust them and than disappear. We all remember YoloWallet, don't we? Another warning sign is that most PTC-ads are in a language of a country that has not a high trust-rate. I know that 10 TRX (approx $0.70) is not a lot, but I don't like to be scammed.

A couple of days later after my post on Twitter, I received a response from one of my followers, who appeared to be one of my referrals. He mentioned he deposit 10 TRX and was able to withdraw 10 TRX. Wait, did I read it right? Deposit 10 to get 10? Yes! Because the deposit of 10 TRX must be used to buy a plan before you can withdraw.

So after this message I decided to deposit too. The process is easy. I made a deposit of 10 TRX (which cost me 11.1 TRX with gas free) and bought the smallest mining plan (10 TRX). Now I was able to withdraw 10 TRX (but not more!). I received 8.5 TRX, so the gas fee is 1.5 TRX.

Currently, I have a little less than 7 TRX in total. As soon as I reached 10 again, I will try another withdraw and keep you posted.
June 23rd: This morning I woke up and saw that my balance reached a little over 11 TRX in total. One of my referrals deposited 50 TRX. That offered a change for me to withdraw another 10 TRX (received 8.5 Tron due to gas fees). So now I have a profit of approx. 6 TRX. I am still careful and expect this site to be gone any time (or they just stop paying before disappearing completely).

June 24th: A few other sites started, which I added on the list below. Just be careful investing!! Example: Trx Coin Fun shows a message on withdraw that you must deposit at least 3 TRX. Going to the deposit page, the minimum is 10 Tron! Same "problem" with Tron Pay Space. Invest only what you can afford to loose!

June 25th: I decided to created an PTC-ad on and added 1 TRX value. By the looks of it, all the crypto for the ad, goes to the viewers. Another sign they don't make money with ads, only when people invest (aka deposit).
This morning I reached 10 TRX again, so I wanted to make a withdraw. I was unsuccesful. The message was 'Make a deposit on 20 TRX. After that, the payouts will be available'. I'm not sure if I want to make another deposit. Maybe when I reach 20 TRX. I wonder how many times someone who made a deposit of 50 or 100 TRX can withdraw before seeing this message.

June 30th: IMPORTANT!! Just this morning I reached 20 TRX and thought of investing (deposit) 20 TRX as I would be able to withdraw. I did some PTC-ads and noticed my account value in a site called (notice the extension!). It was an exact copy of the .pro site including balance wise. That was odd! So I decided to wait another day or two. And that wait paid off.
When you log in now, you see an empty balance (it restarted with 50 TRX as a "gift" again). Yes, your balance (mining and overall) disappeared and restarted. If you read the "news" section on top of the page, they now call it "end of season". That is actually a "smart" move hoping people will invest again. They raised the bonus and the referral profit hoping you fall for it again. They never said there was a season to begin with, and now they don't tell for how long the season runs. If the values on the front page where right, they made about 70.000 - 100.000 TRX on the deposits of people (the payout they mention was 10x less). With the bonusses and referral raised, my guess is that they hope that the people who made a small profit, break-even or had just a small loss, deposit again but now from the start. So my guess is that this season will run even shorter! You are warned! Only invest what you are willing to lose. As you probably gonna lose it! I suspect that, and others will do the same once they reach a certain value of profit for the owner(s).

July 20th: After a couple of weeks I visited the site again. Or better, I tried. It does not exist anymore! Also, and are not accessible. is suspended by the hosting party.
With completely the same layout, I discovered this morning. Just now, the site is not accessible (DNS problems, this is different from the other sites that are just 'gone').

August 4th: I have removed the links of the sites that are no longer active. But more important, I want to warn about several new sites that appeared with the same look, but now also offering Dogecoin mining (see the list below, Tron Bet, Doge Pay and Coin Doge). Most likely, they will try the same trick: get as much people as they can to deposit $DOGE before calling the "end of a season" and reset everything. Or the sites might just disappear again. Apparently, it goes slow with the deposits, as they offer 10% to 50% bonus starting at 100 Doge deposits. In both cases (reset or disappear) most of you will lose your coins! So be careful investing!

August 10th: The life-span of was short. However, a new one is here: Do NOT invest!

Currently, more of these sites appear, with similar layouts. Sometimes even with the same design. Please note I have NOT made a deposit to these sites, so I don't know if they work too:
Tron a.k.a Tron
Trx Coin Fun
Tron Pay Space


As always with hot wallets in crypto currencies, you can loose everything. Be carefull when depositing coins and only do this if you can afford to loose them. Keep your coins in a cold (hardware) wallet where you own the keys (12/24 words/pass phrase). Remember, not your keys, not your coins!


Just to be clear, I am not part of any of the sites mentioned here. This experience is my own. You might have/get a different experience. I am just a normal user of these faucets just like most of you.
Use this information at your own risk! I will not be liable for the accuracy of this information, the operation these sites or the payments from these sites. If you have got a problem with (one of) these sites, try to contact the owner (although it might be hard, that information is not always present!)

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ATTENTION: As with all financial investments (crypto is no exception!): do your own research! Do your own analysis of the "promises" made and only invest money that you can afford to lose! Before sending your crypto money to an anonymous site, please do your due diligence!

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