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Published: September 21st, 2023

Tap-Coin is a recently created faucet site. It is not special in the options to earn, but it is special in it's ease to use and the various payment methods. It does have some pop-up ads but no annoyingly placed ads. It has the usual ways to earn crypto and when used, the captcha system is easy and quick to solve.


You have to create an account to get access. Just choose a name, enter your email-address and password, verify the link and you're ready to go. At this moment, I have not seen an option to use Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

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After login in, you are redirected to the dashboard page. The first line contains three columns for your balances, your referral number and your current withdraws (if any). The next line contains some ads, a horizontal list of surveys and their value and another ad beneath it. Further down is another line with three columns: one for the referral leaderboard, another for an ad and a column for the leaderboard of completed surveys. Most of these blocks are self explainatory. Nevertheless I would like to point out a few things.

Balance block - Balance
Balance block

On the balance block you see two balances displayed. The first one (with the yellow coloured icon) is your coin balance that can be converted to crypto at withdraw. This number represents the coins you've earned doing faucet claims, surf-ads reward, shortlinks, filled in surveys and the coins from achievements. The second balance with the red coloured icon in front is your ad-coin balance. One of the faucets on this site let you earn ad-coins that can be used to The two buttons underneath the balance speaks for themselfs (withdraw and deposit; for withdraw keep reading). Under these two buttons there is an option shown to transfer (a part of) your coin balance to your ad balance. So you can use your earnings to create your own ad. Many faucet sites use a level system which gives you a (small) bonus, usually for faucet claims. Tap-Coin does this too. This explains the decimal in your coin balance. One of the extras is that this bonus is also added to the surf-ads reward.

For your information: at the moment of this writing, your coin balance divided by 10 is the amount of satoshi you've earned. So 100 coins is approx. 10 satoshi bitcoin.
The level system is based on "power". Power is earned from the "Get free power" faucet, shortlinks, surveys and surf-ads. To claim from the "Get free coins" faucet, it will cost you "power". You can review your current level and your power in the drop-down menu at the top right corner.

My referrals block - My referrals
My referrals block

The next column on the dashboard shows you the number of referrals you have, the total number of coins you've received through these referrals and they've calculated the average of this. The last line encourage you to share the link and earn 50% of each referral earnings. It also contains a "copy your referral link" button, which is not shown in the figure.

Withdraws block

This block shows you the total amount of coins you've withdrawed an the last three withdraws with their status. The "Referral" menu option shows you a little bit more info (keep reading).


On the left side of the webpage (desktop) you'll see a section called "Earn". While many options are pretty common and straight forward (e.q. Surf Ads, Shortlinks, Surveys) I would like to point out a few of them.


As briefly mentioned before, there are three faucets on this site, which you can each claim every 30 minutes. All faucets have a nice count-down timer, so you know exactly when the time is up and you can claim again.
The image below is from the "Get Free Coins" faucet and it tells you that the amount of coins you'll receive is a random value between 10 and 100 coins. It also tells you how much power is required to use the faucet. If I remember correctly, it starts with 1 power. I guess due to my level, each claim now costs 2 power. It's a pretty good system I think that avoid leveling up too quickly. A problem other faucets seem to have (e.a. FaucetCrypto). - Get Free Coins faucet
Get Free Coins faucet

Click on the button called "Ready to claim" and solve the captcha. The captcha is a slider-captcha, which is easy and quick to solve. After that, a dialog pops-up showing the amount of coins you've won. I've had a couple of claims over 80 coins, but most of the time I win between 30 and 70 coins.

The second faucet is the "Get Free Power" faucet. Claim here to get "power" that is required to claim from the "Get Free Coins" faucet. As mentioned before, "power" is also used to get you to a higher level. A higher level means a small bonus on every coin claim from the faucet and when watching surf-ads or solving shortlinks. Click on the button "Ready to claim". Usually it opens a new tab of your browser to show an advertisement. Close it and claim again. A dialog will tell you that you've received your "power".

The third and last faucet is "Get Free Ad-Coins". Ad-Coins are needed when you want to create your own ad. You get a random value between 10 and 40 coins. Click the "Ready to Claim" button, solve the slider captcha and again a dialog will tell you how much ad-coins you've won.

Surf Ads

Clicking this option shows you one Surf Ad at the time, if any are available. If not, it tells you that you've seen all ads and that you should come back later. Watching ads is easy.

Tap-Coin - Advertisement Example
Advertisement Example

Each ad that shows up, is shown in a block. It coins a title, the duration and the amount of coins you can earn. Click the button "View" in the ad to open a new tab in a browser that shows you the page/ad. A counter in the ad block on the Tap-Coin page shows you how many seconds are left. These seconds are also shown in the title of the tab. When at 0, it shows "Excellent" in the tab title. In case of any problems (some ad pages do something which causes the faucet saying "you closed the ad"), there is a small "skip" link available which hides the ad for the next 24 hours. Just so you know, more sites have this problem and is usually caused by the page the ad links to. It is not the problem of Tap-Coin or the other faucet sites. Another good thing is that you don't have to keep the ad/page active to keep the counter running.

Shortlinks and Surveys - Example of shortlink presentation
Example of shortlink presentation

This page shows you an overview of all available shortlinks. The example on the right shows you that it contains a title (the name of the shortlink site used), the number of coins you receive after finishing the shortlink on the left including in small font type the level-bonus. On the same line on the right it shows you the "power" you'll receive. Click on the "Claim" button and you start the shortlink process in the current browser window. After solving the shortlink, the tap-coin page appears again and a dialog tells you the coins you've earned.

At this moment, the Survey page only shows you offers from CPX Research. The reputation of this company is good. It pays the coins displayed as long as you are honest when filling out the survey.


The referral page on this site starts with some referral information. At this moment you get 50% of each faucet claim and 10% of each Surf Ads and Shortlinks your referrals do. It is followed by your referral link and a button to copy this information. Underneath the link it shows you two banners (728x90 and 320x100) that you can use to promote your account on this site. It does not contain any ready to use copy-and-paste code. Last on this page is a list of all your referrals, the commission you've received, the date they created the account and when they were last active. - Info about some of my referrals
Info about some of my referrals

It's not really useful information but fun to see. Just to manage your expectation about referrals: I currently have 9 referrals, but 4 have created an account and that is it. Another has not been active for almost a month.


And last but not least I want to point out the menu option called "Achievements". Not all sites have "achievements", but it is a good way to get some extra coins as long as you don't forget to collect them. There are 3 types of achievements available here. One for claims of the "Get Free Power" faucet, another one for claims of the "Get Free Ad-Coins" faucet and the last one is for the number of Surf Ads you've seen. Each of these types have 3 archievements available: claiming/seeing 10, 20 and 30 faucets/advertisments with the rewards of respectively 50, 75 and 100 coins. For the last achievement-type you are dependent on the number of advertisements others make (for you and many others). The first two is a matter of making the time available to claim. Just don't forget that at midnight (GMT+1) the achievements are reset.


And last but not least, the menu-option "Leaderboard". Although it's the first option on the "Earn" section of the menu, I would have placed it last. The page starts with a message when the leaderboard ends (it looks like it's per month). It also tells you some other conditions/rules for the leaderboards.
Under this message it shows four blocks with each 10 usernames, numbers and the coins you can win. The blocks are: Referrals, Completed Surveys, Power Earned and Shortlinks Solved. It does not show your position in the ranks or your "number" which is a pity. The amount you can win varies per block and your position, but the last 5 names win the same amount (at this moment). The coins vary from 100000 to 1000 coins for the Referral leaderboard, from 20000 to 500 for the Survey leaderboard and from 2500 to 250 coins for the other two leaderboards.


The last section of the menu is for advertising. The deposit option is there for people who don't want to earn the Ad-Coins or just want to buy more ad-views. You can only deposit from your FaucetPay-account with a minimum deposit amount of $0.10. Using FaucetPay usually does not cost you gas or transfer fee, so that's good. Creating an advertisement is pretty easy. Just fill in your URL, a description and the number of views you would like. Choose the duration of the ad and pay the amount required to start showing your ad. As I have not yet created an advertisment myself, I do not know if there is a view counter or if you can re-use the ad. I will create an ad in a couple of weeks, so i will let you know once I have this experience.
Don't forget that you can transfer your Coin balance to Ad-Coin balance.


The withdraw option is available as a button on the dashboard page or in the menu-option on the top-right of the website. The page starts with some information about payment methods, the minimum withdraw amount, the verification process and availability of crypto coins. I recommend that you read this carefully.

What follows are 5 payment methods you can choose from. Underneath these options your withdraw history is shown which contains the payment status, the amount in Coins and in the crypto-coins you've chosen for that payment, your address and the date of the withdraw request.

Tap-Coin - Payment Methods
Payment Methods

When clicking on one of the payment methods (FaucetPay, Payeer, Binance, CoinBase and Direct payment) the payment methods are replaced by the crypto curriencies available for that method. Unfortunately, after chosing a payment method it is not displayed which one you have chosen.
It looks like that only certain crypto currencies are available per payment method. Selecting FaucetPay 6 crypto currencies are available, chosing Direct withdraw only 2 crypto currencies are available.

Choose the crypto coin you want to withdraw in and the available crypto currencies are replaced by a form you need to fill in in order to receive your crypto. If you have saved your wallet address before, it will be available (pre filled). Just pay attention to the minimum withdraw amount. Each payment method and crypto coin might have it's own minimum withdraw amount!
After completing the form click the "Withdraw" button and your Coin balance is reduced. In your withdraw list the withdraw will appear with the status "processing". Sometimes it will take a day or two, sometimes the verification is done in a couple of hours. The "Direct" withdraw option does not tell if you have to pay any gas fees. I guess you do not have to do that, or it is already part of the Coins to crypto conversion rate.

Account settings

Clicking the menu-option on the top-right corner of the site you will see an option called "Account settings". This page gives you three options. The first is "withdraw options", where you can fill in your email address or ID for each payment method except Direct payment. The second option is called "Change Password" and the last one "Delete Account". I guess these two options don't need explaining.


In about five weeks I earned 40000 coins (at this moment approx. 4000 satoshi bitcoin), just by doing surf ads, faucet claims and claiming the achievements (if I do not forget).
You must be a bit lucky with the amount of coins you get from the "Get Free Coins" and "Get Free Ad-Coins" faucets, but overall I find this site high paying. It contains some ads, but hardly any pop-ups or ads at annoying places (yet). Claiming is quick and easy, especially as the captchas are reduced to a minimum and if they appear fast to solve. The site pages load fast and the site itself is user friendly.
I suggest you give this faucet site a try and I appreciate it if you use this link.


Just to be clear, I am not the site owner of Tap-Coin, nor am I associated to Tap-Coin or related businesses. I am just a normal user of this site just like most of you.
Every value, number and option here metioned was accurate at the time of writing. However, the site owner might make changes to any of these with or without prior notice. I am not responsible for any of that. Use this information at your own risk!

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