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Published: April 10th, 2023
Last update: November 19th 2023

CryptoFlare is a fairly new faucet site like many others, but high paying with a few extras. It hardly contains any ads, it has a lot of ways to earn crypto and the captcha system is easy and quick to solve.


You have to create an account to get access. Just choose a name, enter your email-address and password, verify the link and you're ready to go. If you have a lot of funds at this site after a while, either by deposits or collecting, I recommend using Two Factor Authentication. They use the free Google Authenticator, which you can download from the play store. You can also turn on Two Factor Authentication (aka 2FA) at a later time by going to your profile page.

Litecoin Bits



After login in, you are redirected to the dashboard page. Here you'll see various sections like a progress-block, a section with account balance, a daily bonus block and your referral code. There used to be a block with earning/withdraw history but that one is gone since yesterday. Most of these blocks are self explainatory. Nevertheless I would like to point out a few things.

Progress block
Progress block

On the progress block you see your current level, your active bonus percentage, your next level and the bonus associated with that level. Last but not least on this block are your experience points made available in a progress slider. Many faucet sites use a level system which gives you a (small) bonus, usually for faucet claims. CryptoFlare does this too. But one of the extras is that this bonus is added to most other earning possibilities.

For your information: in this review, the satoshi I mention that you are rewarded with are without bonus!
The level system is based on experience points. In the slider you can see your progress. It also displays the number of experience points you must obtain to get to the next level. At each option where you can earn some crypto, you'll see the number of satoshi you can get, but also the number of experience points you receive for doing it (the abbreviation used is: EXP).

Daily bonus block

Past the fold on the page you'll find a "daily bonus" block. Collect your daily bonus every 24 hours by clicking the button. The reward varies. According to information on the block you can receive up to 111 satoshi (at the time of writing). First day I received 75 satoshi. But I also received 5, 3 and even 1. One time I got 40 satoshi, which is pretty good. After receiving your daily bonus, a timer is counting down, so you'll know when you can collect again.

CryptoFlare - Daily Bonus
Daily Bonus block
History block

A day after the start of this review, it was gone. Maybe it will come back, who knows.
This block is the last block on this page (besides the footer info). You can switch between the 20 most recent earnings and your withdraw history. The most recent earnings shows the last 20 of your rewards and the satoshi you've received from referrals, if any. Their is one exception: your daily bonus is not shown in this list. But trust me, it is added to your account balance!

In general

CryptoFlare - Captchas

Before I continu and describe some ways to earn coins I would like to tell about the captchas used throughout the site. I'm personally very pleased that they use CloudFlare captcha as one of the two captcha systems. Most of the time, it validates automatically, It seems they have replaced CloudFlare captcha with H-Captcha. Solve the H-captcha first, after which you just have to click one of the 5 icons that match the object that is written in the text above the icons as the second captcha. I'm personally very pleased that they have decided to use CloudFlare captcha again (for now) as one of the two captcha systems. Most of the time, it validates automatically, after which you just have to click one of the 5 icons that match the object that is written in the text above the icons as the second captcha. But sometimes you have to validate the CloudFlare captcha yourself by clicking the checkbox and wait till it turns green.

In the first week of me using the site, I sometimes had to pass the "firewall". More sites use this kind of protection, but it looked like I did not receive the reward before or after passing it and I had to do it again. But the last couple of weeks I have not encountered this firewall page anymore. So another plus for this site!

For the people who wants to take their eyes in consideration or save a little bit of energy, there is a switch to view the site in daylight or night-time mode. You can find the switch at the bottom (in the footer) of every page. The daylight mode contains a lot of white. The night mode has a dark blue background and white text. Personally, I find this last one more pleasing. Especially because the dark mode is done as it suppose to be done. It's not an inverse of the "regular" colors that some sites use and which makes text sometimes hard to read. One exception is the login-page, which is not using the night-time mode.

And before we go on with the menu options, there is just one other general thing left to tell. If you're not great at english, at the left bottom of the screen there is an option to change this. Clicking the text "English" shows you a huge list of flags accompanied by country names to choose from. I have not tried this myself, so I don't know what quality the translations are.


The second menu option is called "Earn" and is a dropdown menu that gives you multiple options to choose from. While many options are pretty common and straight forward (e.q. Surf Ads, Shortlinks, Offerwalls, Tasks) I would like to point out a few of them.

Manual Claim

The first option to tell you about is "Manual Claim". This faucet site is pretty generous because you can claim 50 times a day every 11 minutes. The reward varies between 1 and 6 satoshi This faucet changed the number of claims to 25 a day with now 15 minutes in between since November 18th. The reward varies now between 1 and 4 satoshi and you get 5 experience points each time you claim. This option gives you your bonus percemtage too.

CryptoFlare - Claim Successful
Claim successful
Surf and Window Ads

The number of surf and/or window ads depends on other people who joined this site and have put up advertisements. I have not yet done this, but the ads presented usually are for 1 satoshi. A bonus is not added to this amount. However, your experience is raised by 15 points for both "Surf and Window Ads".

The difference between surf and window ads is that window ads open in a new browser tab while the original tab with the CryptoFlare page is counting down the number of seconds before you can claim by solving the captchas, where Surf Ads open in the original browser tab. You see a countdown counter in the right bottom corner. Click somewhere in the page when the message tells you too and solve the captchas to receive your reward.
One annoying thing I should mention is that when you have finished your claim for a Window ad, it returns to the page, where Surf Ads is the default. It does not remember your last selection, so you have to click Window Ads again.

Read articles

Read articles is another earning option to point out to you. It gives you 5 1 to 6 satoshi + bonus (since June 21st) and 20 experience points. The downside is that the page has to be in focus for 155 222 seconds (since June 19th). So that's why I "read articles" mostly between two "manual claims" while watching TV/Netflix/series.


While other site have gaming options, this site does not require you to gamble you satoshis. At least not here (they do have a dice game, not described in this review). Here you can play four games, which gives you 1 to 4 satoshi and 10 experience points. While most games can be played 10/11 times, the first one (2048 lite) I can play only twice every 24 hours. All games are pretty easy to play and don't take a lot of time to get your reward. It's a good way to earn some extra bitcoin if you have some time to spare or want to take your mind of of things.
This option is removed since June 21st 2023, although it still does show in the list of Achievements at this very moment. It's a shame it's removed, because it was easy to do and get extra satoshi.


And last but not least the first option from the dropdown called "Achievements". Not all sites have "achievements", but it is a good way to get some extra satoshi. And there are quite a lot of achievements available.

There are two achievement-lists available, a "Daily" and a "One time" list. The Daily-list contains a lot of progress bars for various earning options. These progress bars tells you how many of these options you have to do to get the satoshi mentioned in the next column. Once you have completed an achievement, the button in the last column changes from "uncompleted" in orange to a blueish "claim" button. Don't forget to check and claim reguarly, because when the 24 hours reset is done at 17:00 GMT, your progress is lost and you start again. After clicking the claim button, the text changes to "claimed".

In the table below you can see the number of satoshi you can get extra for the options discussed above (not all options displayed here!):

Earning optionSatoshi
10 Manual Claims1
20 Manual Claims4
30 Manual Claims10
40 Manual Claims15
50 Manual Claims25
That is a total of 55 additional satoshi. I can claim 15 satoshi on a good day.
5 Games1
10 Games3
20 Games10
30 Games15
So that is a total of 29 satoshi you can additionally earn. I can usually claim 14 satoshi (20 games) when I have time to play.
Since June 2121 the Games option is not available, although at this moment it is still shown in this list.
5 Surf or Window Ads2
10 Surf or Window Ads5
25 Surf or Window Ads10
50 Surf or Window Ads25
To reach the maximum of 42 satoshi, you have to see a lot of advertisements. The ads depend on other people (aka other users) placing those ads, so I have not seen more than 12 ads in 24 hours (usually less), but maybe that will change in time.
5 Read Articles1
7 Read Articles3
12 Read Articles7
20 Read Articles10
An extra 21 satoshi is possible when reading 20 articles. Depending on the time I have to watch series/tv I usually get to 12 articles or 11 satoshi.

The "One time" list shows similair progress bars, but is based on your level. You get satoshis when you reach certain levels.


The concept of referrals is probably known to you, but just in case I'll explain it briefly. Most sites gives you a link or referral number that you can use to promote a site yourself. Depending on the site, the site gives you a small amount of crypto once a new user registers using your referral link and do some claims. Mostly it is a percentage (usually between 5% and 50%) on faucet claims, sometimes it gives you extra crypto for other jobs/tasks/offer walls.

CryptoFlare - Referral Tier Table
Referral Tier Table

The referral possibilities this site gives you is rather unique and makes this site a great choice. They use a Tier system. Your direct referrals are Tier 1 which gives you 25% of all Faucet claims, ShortLinks, Surf Ads, Read Articles, Daily Bonus, Tasks, Games, Offerwalls, Rev Share your referral does. If this referral of yours brings on a new user (his referral) he gets 25% but this new user will be your Tier 2 referral, which gives you 10% of everything he makes. This site goes all the way to Tier 7! That means that this site gives an additional 50% of a claim (at Tier 7, maximum) divided by 7 referrals.
The 25% of a first referral is pretty good. Getting something extra from your referral referrals is just a bonus!

Unfortunately, you can not see if a referral is still active of how much satoshi your referral made for you.

Revenue Shares

CryptoFlare - Revenue Share Calculator
Revenue Share Calculator

Another thing this site has compared to most other sites is Revenue Shares (menu option: % Rev Shares). You can buy shares starting at 1 satoshi which is pretty unique. Another great option is that you can retract your holdings at any moment. You can buy shares with the satoshi you earned using this site or deposit bitcoin to buy Rev Shares. It gives you 25% interest on your shares at an annual basis which is payed daily. The percentage is pretty good, althought not the highest I have seen. But then you have to put in your satoshis for a certain amount of time, at least around half a year.

On the revenue shares-page you will see how much you have earned, how much you actively hold in shares (aka satoshis) and the percentage you earn (% APR). There is also a profit calculator available. It shows you the profit per day, week, month and year.


The menu option next to Rev Shares is Leaderboard. On this page you can view 6 ranking lists that mentions the top 20 in each category. Above the table of each category you see your score, so you have an idea where you are. Although it shows you a top 20, only the first 11 get some coins. It looks like you can earn coins every month (see the counter above the block, it tells you how much time is left). The winner of a category earns some serious coins! Depending on the category it is 75000 to 10000 satoshi (april 2023).

Since half November, the Leaderboard is now changed to a weekly competition. Also the number of winners seems to have been lowered. As I have not paid attention to this, I don't know if the earning has changed significantly.

CryptoFlare - Leaderboard of Surf Ads
Leaderboard of Surf Ads

Deposit and Withdraw

Both options can be found under the "Finance" menu next to the Leaderboard.


Deposits can be done from your cWallet or FaucetPay. I do not know cWallet, but deposits from FaucetPay is as quick as earning/withdraw but the other way around. Your coins from FaucetPay transfer to your account on CryptoFlare.
This can become handy when you have insufficient number of coins for ads, tasks or you want to buy Rev Shares. Your deposit history is shown as the last block on the page.


You can withdraw your coins to various sites or wallets: cWallet, FaucetPay, Coinbase, Binance, Coinex or Direct Withdraw. Depending on your choice to withdraw to, you have to enter your ID, email address or bitcoin address. Before withdrawing, take a look at the minimum amount of satoshi you need to have to withdraw (it varies between 500 and 25000 satoshi and might change in time) and the fee that it will cost you (only on Direct Withdraw, 10000 satoshi). Just as on the deposit page, you can view your withdraw history as the last block.

CryptoFlare - Withdraw History
Withdraw History


On the profile page you can see your email address, when you joined this site and when your last activity was. It also gives you an option to change your password or activate Two Factor Authentication.


In about four weeks I earned 6000 satoshi, just by doing surf ads, reading articles and playing games. And of course doing the manual claims. Don't forget to collect your achievements every day! The site reset these at 17:00 GMT. I made it to level 6 in these four weeks, which gives me 0.6% bonus.
For now, I withdrawed the first 1000 satoshi followed by putting the next 1000 satoshi in Rev Shares and repeated this. I only use the satoshis I earned by using this site.
You must be a bit lucky with the amount of satoshi you get for "Manual Claims", the "Daily bonus" and the "Games", but overall I find this site high paying. It contains some ads, but no pop-ups or ads at annoying places (yet).
I suggest you give this site a try and I appreciate it if you use this link.


As always with investing in cryptocurrencies (Rev Shares is no different!), you can loose everything. Be carefull when depositing coins and only do this if you can afford to loose them. Keep your coins in a (hardware) wallet where you own the keys (12/24 words/pass phrase). Remember, not your keys, not your coins!


Just to be clear, I am not the site owner of CryptoFlare, nor am I associated to CryptoFlare or related businesses. I am just a normal user of this site just like most of you.
Every value, number and option here metioned was accurate at the time of writing. However, the site owner might make changes to any of these with or without prior notice. I am not responsible for any of that. Use this information at your own risk!

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ATTENTION: As with all financial investments (crypto is no exception!): do your own research! Do your own analysis of the "promises" made and only invest money that you can afford to lose! Before sending your crypto money to an anonymous site, please do your due diligence!

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