Some faucets pay a little crypto directly to your non-micro wallet. The frequency is mostly limited to once or twice a day. Of course these faucets only offer crypto where the network charges are very low to almost nothing. Transactions are usually bundled, so it might take a bit of time before you'll receive it. They do not offer referral-codes.

Currently available:
Togatech (SOL)
Solar Nano Faucet (XNO)

Satoshi Hero



Published: May 3rd, 2023

Togatech - SOL faucet
SOL faucet - Togatech

Togatech offers a SOL-faucet where you can receive once every 24 hours 0.000010000 SOL. Read the rules about the minimum amount of SOL you have to have in your wallet, otherwise you'll not receive any! Fill in your SOL-address and solve the captcha. Click the "Claim!" button to get the offered anount of Solana. You can claim every 24 hours, which is checked by using your IP-address and SOL-address. So multiple people using the same IP-address are in bad luck. Just so you know.

They also offer two games to play where you can earn SOL for playing. I have not tried this yet, but by the look of it, you have to play multiple days in a row.

Another faucet they offer is a XCH-faucet. They claim to be the first-ever XCH-faucet. My wallet does not support XCH yet, so I have not tried this faucet, but it looks the same like the SOL-faucet: fill in your address and solve the captcha. Click the "Claim!" button to receive.


Solar Nano Faucet

Published: June 19th, 2023

Solar Nano Faucet
Nano faucet - Solar powered!

This faucet offers free NANO-every hour. At this moment, it's 0,001 XNO and you can claim every hour.

The faucet and all required hardware is completely powered by solar energy. "Only powered by the sun" they claim.

As this faucet hardly have any ads, they can only keep running on donations. So if you feel rich, please donate, so others can experience the speed of Nano.


As always with hot wallets in cryptocurrencies, you can loose everything. Be carefull when depositing coins and only do this if you can afford to loose them. Keep your coins in a cold (hardware) wallet where you own the keys (12/24 words/pass phrase). Remember, not your keys, not your coins!


Just to be clear, I am not part of any of the sites reviewed here. The review is my personal opinion. I am just a normal user of these faucets just like most of you.
Use this information at your own risk! I will not be liable for the accuracy of this information, the operation these sites or the payments from these sites. If you have got a problem with (one of) these sites, try to contact the owner (although it might be hard, that information is not always present!)

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